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tv   Tucker Carlson Tonight  FOX News  December 5, 2022 10:00pm-11:00pm PST

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see, i see recharge hearing aids and a portable charging case for just two hundred ninety seven dollars or opt into our easy payment plan and your order ships. free supplies are limited, so don't delay. better hearing is just a phone call away. 877 nine eighty six hundred. again, that's 800 seven seven nine eighty six hundred and going to tucker carlson thnight, the main thing that we learned on friday night, last friday night with the release of those previously undisclosed document s on twitter is not that social media companies censor conservatives. obviously, we knew that.ed t no one surprised to have itor dn confirmed. noy it one denied it in the firk place. no. what we learned on friday is that big tech works aggressively and in secret with governmenernment agencies
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to subvert the outcome of whatun the rest of us assumed wereir free and fair elections during the twenty twenty election. twitter did this with the helpci of the fbi committing censorship on behalf of one candidate but working to hurt the other candidate. e ca it is hard to imagine a more brazen attack on our democracy. than this. this is not how our system is supposed to work. in fact, it's illega to workl. what twitter did is a violationm of the first amendmenten as welw as of established campaign finance law. they never declared those contribution s. the biden campaign, that's a crime. than. in reporting, matt taibbi, who received access to these documents from twitter's new owner, elon musk. it's we know that this happened. it's not- a conspiracy theory.n it's a fact. but you wouldn't know it happened if you got your newsnc from legacy media outlets in the u.s. in the days since tibsi jaw dropping scoops, none of them have followed uped up on the storyon. em a no's they've dismissed. the story is entirely normal. of course, the fbi was workingn secretly with twitter in
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the biden campaign to controlrmo your brain by limiting your access to factual information. that electio elections work or they're attacking matt taibbi personally for daring to write the story. so the same people who spent weeks defending billionaire con artists, embankment, who has a jail you'll be happy to , was still in the bahamas unindicted. thoss in thee people are tellinu that the real criminal here is the guy who's uncovering illegal censorship in d a presidential campaign. uring identialit's hard to belii saying that. oh, but they are. here's a selection. elon musk retweeted the quote unquote, twitter phileiles" a sf collection of documents that detail how the social media platform supposem sud buriedy to a story about a ukrainian energy company paying moneys whl to the president's son , hunter biden. first of all, i just have to say that this whole thing is just ridiculous and it's not true. >> it was amazing to me that n all of these sort of fox news, f whoever else jumped on thisng without ever fully understanding that
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was basically meaningless. what happened? it actually turned out to be a good thing, just seems fixated on a two year old story about hunter biden's laptop. ce this is what we in the cable business like to call a hot take. and it reveals elon musk's profound ignorance of the first we now knoitw itter file wass a helpful thing, actually . the twitter files todasee hoy, because we got to see how content moderation works. e how whenwith a group of people with differing political ideas and ideologies and use gets together in the spirit of making a platform safe and healthy. just so much there.e al sharpton teaming up with then former george w. bush aide to tell you censorship is goodyl . the first ladydl saying this ukrainian company allegedly paid under biden when there's no allegedly about it. everyone involved has alreadynv admittedolve. and then best of all, ali we in velshi, we in the cabl te business, ali velshi has neverli been in the news business. people in the news businesthe ns
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cover the news. propagandists censor and distort the news. and that's what you're watching there. thankfully, as always, their propagandasor 14 is crude and not very effective, mostly because it's so unbelievably not believable. censorship explains brandi cal drosnin.d like a kindergarten teacher, censorship is called content moderation. when we hide facts from you that you need in order to cast informed vote in a presidential election that's, quote, safe and healthy. hiding facts from you is safe and healthy. is there anyone who actually believes that? well, judging by nbc's tanking ratings, not many peopleve tha actually do believe that, but they're saying it anyway. they're .here's michael steele , the former rnc chairman, by thet way, letting youhe know that actually revealing the mechanics of censorshipck o is itself an attack on free speech. putting those things back on the platform, juxtaposition with the argument that he's all about free speech reallyom
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undermines the central. s some of the central tenets of free speech is that it is .ou it is about, yes, the freedom of you to say things, but not at the harm or expense of someone else. and so we are perpetuating lies and so forth. you really kind of laughing in the face of this idea of what> k the platform he claimser is supposed to bdae. so any day you get to see michael steele misuse the words juxtapose. obviously, it's a good day, but the payoff really was his little lecture on constitutional law, the essential tenet of free speechnt. michael steele just told youthe the essential tenet is that you as an american citizen are never allowed to say things that other people object to . >> okay,. michael steele, if youn get a chance, let us know what constitution you've been reading. in th the one that we have here in the u.s. is pretty clear in the united states . you get to itizen w say as an american citizen what you believe, period. bee, perioand under no circumstr made the government infringe on that right. period. again, that'gos the firsvetrnmei
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amendmennfri that. and thanks to the twitter filesi thvealed on friday that we know the first amendment has beenund violated more profoundly than at any time in our lives. s.miranda devine of the new york post has just reported the fbibi met weekly with twitter executives in the months beforel the twenty election. and in those meetings, the fbi specifically warned about hackin hacg and leak operations by state actors that would involve hunter biden and would, quote, likely come out in october. >>. oh, we know that because it appeared in a sworn deposition from twitter's former chief censor, roth signed in 2020. it wasn't just twitter, by the way. it was also facebook.etings the fbi was holding similar n meetings with facebook, which also, not surprisingly, in fact, as a direct result of those meetings, censoredthes the hunter biden story. watcatchmeetings. there was a lot of attentionf ae on twitter during the election because of the hunter bideno. laptop story. the need to .
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yeah, so you guys censored that as well. so we tooks cens a differentor h than i mean, basically the background herter.e is the n basically came to us. some folks on our team. know, it was like, hey, just so youere know, like you should on highdai alert. there was we we thought that there was a lot of russian, we propaganda. 2016's we have it on notice that basically there's about to be some kind of dump of that'so be similar to that. so just be vigilant. e press' sy so this is a stop the presses story. dom the fbi is the largest and mostn powerful domestic law enforcement agency in the world. it can't become a secret policec force if it this is no longer a freee and if country and it's no better stat, say, russia under putin or any authoritarian state is an authoritarian state. by definition, if the largest domestic law enforcement agency starts to play into politics. but they are and we know that.nt
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and no one's saying anything about it. and that's very strange. we do doing that. the twitter executive who went to those meetings, the meetings with the fbi, was a man called joe roth. now, if you think about it, it was never clear what your roth was doing at twitter iyon the first. echnic your roth haald no technical expertise of any kind, didn't know anythinpertise g about hac foreign affairs, anything about russiag an, what does he know about. >> well, your roth receivedn a ph.d. in the study of grindr ,the hookup act, from a place called upo, the university of pennsylvania, purportedly an ivye univer scho you should be impressed by what i'm making this up, by the way, grindr appears more than eight hundred times in his research. and you, penn gave him a phdhd for that. d that so whatever you think of that, how did that get your roth into you position that he occupied a twitter where he was in, th charge of what you were allowedt to say and think?io well, the onn e qualification we know your roth did have is heest does not believe b in free
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speech, period. and he made thatlast very clearn an interview last week. babylon day, which is what got him to buy the thing. t i think that's the that'sicular the one which is which wasly not particularly funny. the babylon bs man of the year is rachel levine. not funny. the targeting and victimization of the trans community>> on twitter is very real, verycen life i and extraordinarily serious. twe we have seen from a number of twitter accounts, including lib's of tiktorok, notably, thar there are orchestrated campaigns that particularly are singling out a group thatwithin is already particularly vulnerabley. within society.n pi twitter's written policiesoh prohibit mr.ibit m genderen fulp . it's great. it's life threatening to tell jokes. it's life threatening. what's interesting about speechf codes always and everywhere, atn and specifically the speech codes that your rothg has
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devoted his life over the past several years to upholding is it? >> they change constantlyd they and you never know when they change or what grounds they change. they just changethe cros. ou you lly caught in the crossfire. and you're busted for saying something you didn't even know you weren't allowed to sayn't . himself probably the greatest example of this is that you'll rob himself once attacked trans people on twitter, he called them tranny's. thereb >> oh. thereby threatening their livesk . it wouldn't be a trip to new york without at least one big scary trannie. a that's an actual tweet from your roth. the tweet that if you wrote it,e he called the fbeti. fbi an so now your roth has to pretend to be offended by all of this. why?fens because hie,s purporte td offen the terror he feels, gives himnu a pretext to censor you on behalf of the most powerful people in the world. that's how that works. so people with the most power claim they're defending the people with the least power in order to crush you.
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that's exactly the way it always works. by the way, your wrath is deleted. his old traini tweets and now he's just shocked. just shocked by the babylon bee, huh? but it's not just your wrath. the giant god was his boss. got a important, according to matt taibbi is reporting, oversaw the censorship of the new york post reporting on the joe biden laptop and was later rewarded for that by the biden administration. for real, the bush administration appointed pre person who effectively allowed joe biden to get c elected president byen censorins criticism of his businesss deals, which he took money frodl china. d re she was rewarded by getting anan advisory role on cispa. cisa, that would be the cybersecurity infrastructure security agency. ever heard of it? well, has a big effect on yourpr life.m of the it's division of dhs, by the way. it's the censorship arm of exist the federal government. how can this even exist?our fi our first amendment specifically prohibits that. why isn'e t a couront case on u
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why are people standing by and? putting up with it? acwe know that its reache on is extensive. new documents revealed in missouri's ongoing lawsuit goins against big tech reveal just how aggressive the censorshipe s at cissé practices is .hot li so effectively, there arnee a hotline that allows the government to pressure the big tech companies to censor political opposition on october twenty nine twenty twenty for example, an official with the washington secretary of state's office wrote toi want cispa, quote, i wanted the flag to tweet with possible misinformation aboutab the election, misinformation about the election. no, remember, misinformation tion is a new word. it's been around the entire world for a long time, but it's never3 4 f1 it doesn't have to e to be censored. so used to be truth is a defense. >> if you're telling the truth, you can say it.withdo not anymore.n't with mis and disinformation. yu if i don't like it, if i'm in
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power, i can censor you. so one of the offending tweets that this political official in washington state was upset about was a reference to an election dispute in washington state's twenty four gubernatorial election, which played out in the courts. and ultimately democrats won that court battle. the tweenatorialt read this, qut washington state in 2004, judges ignored the real count and rewarded the democrats. another tweet from the sameba account read simpln apy, ballot. can appear whatever from whomever. tweets, now, you can agree or disagree with those tweets. they see m true. but in this case,e th their opinions there are political take and you see tweets like that all the time on twitter because this is a free country hap or was.t anyone but what happened next is shocking and it's amazing that anyone would defend it. the federal government shut down those opinions within minutes. cissé flag the tweetsl to several dhs accounts, thesert people with guns.o twitte then cic sent the reportr. directly to twitter.lo please see the report belowhe te from washington. csa wrote anetd tweets, ofcensod course, were censored. the government got a randomt
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twitter user with a smalle following shut down becauseik they didn't like his or here hiv views on the twenty four election in washington state because they criticized democrats. the governmentn thate.. this is not a close call. this is a violation of the first amendment to the bill of rights, to the centerpiece of our constitution. and it's happening constantly. states reporting post they didn't like an cissé, an arm of dhs guys with guns got ws twitter to censor it. kentucky's secretary of state did this all the all the time. the documents show that so colorado's in fact, coloradolit reported several political parody accountsf. to dhs, which then alertedal twitter and all of them were pulled off. parodies, they were all parodies, by theye way. even if there weren't parodies, it doesn'tnfact j matter. but they were, in fact, jokes. you're seeing one of them on your screen right now, smoke weed every day. the accounts by reads day the official unofficial twitter account of the state of coloradowhatreads.. complaint but twitter took the dhsse complaint seriously. whriou why wouldy wouldn't they?
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and censored the accounts, quote, we will escalat twie. twitter wrote at the beginning , of the election cycle in 2020r one , staffers, the secretary of state of arizona, ordered by gubernatorial candidate and secretary of state katy hobbs, also directed censorshipd through cissé. quote, i asorsm flagginghip. th twitter account for your review ,wrote someone in hobbs's account to the center for internet securit security. cc'n cispa was later asked an email. why? well, accordinil andg hobbs's o, the tweets were, quote, an attempt to further undermine confidence in the electionna institution in arizona. u're notokay, so you're not allt to have confidence in electionsh .e >> really, this is the staten where the biggest county took more than a week to count the ballots and the printers didn't work on electioay andn. they work the day before. but you'ree supposed to have and total confidence. in fact, i are commanded to . and if you don't havenish confidence, you'll be punishedet . email concluded, quote, thank you for your consideration in reviewing this matter. matterfor action. twitt and of course,er twitter soon censored them. thank you.
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tw will escalate. s, twitter replied for the fifth time. s this isn't just defensive. this is illegal. this is a crime. a crime is being a very serious crime, a crime against our democracy, not trespassing in the capital or gazing upon ny nancy pelosi's desk, influencing the outcome of eleco thections. it's beyond belief. it's also very common, much more common than anyone thought. this weekend, elon musk do it suggested that twitter interfered abroad, too. they do it here. why wouldn't they do it in other countries? muskox suggested they interfered in the brazilian elections. quote, i'm seeing a lot of o concerning tweets about t the recent brazil election. he tweeted the other dayweet, if those tweets are accurate, it's possible that twitter personnel gave preference to left wing candidates win. , it's okay, i mean, it's possible if that happened, can you imagine the people lecturing you everynr day about democracy are subverting democracy in foreign
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countries? l probabin brazil, probably in l hungary , probably in ely salvadorre, in any regime that they don't like, not because those regimes pose a threa what to the united states, becauseg b they just don't like the cut ofe their jib. so what we're learning aboutr th state interference in democratic elections all over the world has long been suspected. now it's confirmed and there's a lo mat. t more coming from joined matt taibbi and others. in the meantime, though,d tonight we're joined by carriehh . bi tolg d you, we know her that her opponent in the governor's race work with big tech to censor heryou o voters. kari lake joins us tonight. carrie lee, thanr k you so much for coming on . did you i mean, i assume you must have suspected something like this was happening. how do you feel now that it's been confirmed? >> well, nothing surprises me now to be honest. but this did i was a little bit surprised. i mean, we saw what happened with hunter's laptop in 2020. the dnc is behind. biden's people are behind it, keeping the narrative away from discussing the disturbing contents of that. so it shouldn't be surprising that states are doing this. and my opponent, who i wanted
10:18 pm
to recuse herself from the election a year more than a year ago because of conflict of interest. it wouldn't surprise me if her office was trying to silence people. we got silenced. at one point, my twitter page got taken down because they didn't like one of the tweets i put up during the election. it makes me wonder who was behind that. we had to remove a tweet during the election in order to get our ability to communicate with our followers. and the people who were supporting us . it is frightening what's happening with twitter. this is an arm.a arm it's a propaganda arm ofed t our government and we need to wake up right now and demande that we get some control over rl what's happening inleabou our government, the fbi. and , you knowt --, we're talkig about twitter tonight. let's talk facebook. what about tic-tac? thistalkbout thing is going to w deep that i think people areo le going to be shocked whenar they learn the full extent. i can't waitcens to hearorin whn they were doing when it comes to censoring on covid when mask people's lives were at risk, when our children were being masked up, shocking and with vaccines really quick, how can a
10:19 pm
hou have a democracy in a country where the government is suppressing speech? how can thate ic be a democratic country? >>try. i believe it's calledg fascism and they're always accusing us of being the fascisat one .years of and , you know, they spent three years talking about russia, russia, russia, that collusion story. and they didn't want to talkssiy about hunter's laptop. they didn't want to talk aboutel problems with our elections that we discovered in 2020. whew and we saw repeated in twenty two . when are we going to have a serious discussion about what's really wrong in this country? we don't have a lot of time left on the clock. and , yo u know, as twitterwhat was said, what was the what was the the term they used?'l we're on it.l get t righ we're going to get on it rightph away. but we're e getting on it in arizona and the people have had enough. o we're sick of the katie hobbs aw office and the secretaryha of state's office and what they'vep been up to . and we're going to start fighting back and we're goingtin to be drawing up some lawsuitse in our election because we won't haven in elections that au run like the run in third worlde countries. we had too
10:20 pm
much to save in thisgod sp country to allow our elections to be run that way. >>ee agodspeed. i think i think i would hope all people would agree with that. >> really great to see. thank you. thanks. 2020, >> t so as we told you in 2020, fbi was all over the socialg wek media companies, including twitter meeting weeklywith twitk and warning them of a potential hack and leak operation involving biden. then the laptop came out and twitter censored them. was' event the laptop wasn't hackeds and then dozeness of o intelficl officials claim the laptop was s russian disinformation. jim clappe r, for example, how much does the source matter? >> much do the to hear the stors laptop? we don't know a lot. we d o know that the way that this information is getting out is through steve bannon and rudy giuliani. e source >> how much do does the source matter here? >> tschwarzenegger's a and a the timing matters a lot. i think that to me, this
10:21 pm
>> tust classic textbook soviet russian tradecraft at work. >> so they were lying. none of them, including jim clapper, has ever apologized. and yet they sit on corporate and trle,, are treated like real people. they're invited on television. they subverted a presidentia bel election. they've never been held to account for that. why? charlie hurt is witht the washington times. he joins us tonight. thanks so much for coming on .wt welcere you there are a lot of things we don't fully understand and to know exactly what happened, here's a very eleccased case of intel officials subverting anho election and then continuing on as if they did nothing aha wrong. >> how are they allowed to dt?o' that? t well, they shouldn't be allowedt to do it. >> it is patently unconstitutional. and i guess the biggestat the takeaway of these new revelations are wed with knew that the fbi had worked in hand-in-hand with democrats and the media to spy on donald trump's campaign in 2016d propat and spread propaganda from
10:22 pm
the kremlin to try to destroy the president because they didn't like the president that the american people had picked. they did everything they could to destroy him. y coulwhat's kind of interestind is the degree to which the fbi was prepositioned beforer havi the twenty twenty election after having gone on offense o and all their offense had failed to go on on on preposition, to go after to protect joe biden defensively, because athey'd they viewed him as their best chance of destroying donald trump. , what,they had that laptop, whr about a year. we are not sure whetherthey they even looked at wecaus now know they clearly dim because before the new york post story even came out,he they were beginning to the effort to get social mediavent to censor this story and to anevent people from knowing the contents on this laptop that we're not talking about here. we're talking about a clear strategy by the biden family an enter corrupt relationships
10:23 pm
with china and ukraine. just made such a smartti point. >> i just can'evt believe i left my script. thr remindhe laptop already. thank you for reminding us thatf the fbi had the laptop. so, of course, they knew. amazing. >> gre charlie hurt, the washington times. great to see you. >>great to see you. chai >> so as you saw charlie say, obviously there is a lot of all and drug use and , all that stuff on laptop, a lot of salacious stuff. tht, the reason it's actually news and not just a sad chronicle ofe of one man's self-destruction is because the laptop also containslapt ke information linking joe biden to a highly corrupt and illegal money making scheme. somehow a lot of people the left are still denying this. we connect the dots ins a twocc part series called biden inc, which is absolutely worth watching. first part out on fox station w tomorrow. >> here's whatit iks lt looks lk thin tk you see on the yes.
10:24 pm
walk around the yard and comei o out. yeah, i do., m ori do. i do. i think it's best for youdamage to recognize y the damage you've done to your family. >> the president, senator , the investigation into president biden's son , hunter biden, hunter biden, has nothing to offer a chinese businessman so that immediatelse raises the question of what are these chinese officialshing t paying for ? everybody's looked at and said there's nothing there. ask the right question. heestions. hunthere are hundreda points that joe biden was acting in a capitalistic term. i would say the chairman,chairm my son has not made money. the chairman serves a purpose. i know why we have held together. that was joe biden's role ine ba the biden family. milybusinessman thought the arte on online one time call. i'm miranda devine.'m i'm peter schweitzer.ns my name is tonkiy bubbliness a.d and i'm a former business partner of hunter biden.
10:25 pm
joe biden and indirectly joe biden. >> you just going to just bury all of this man? a the documentary is called biden inc preview. is available tonight on fox nation. the entire first part t is outon tomorrow. w >> so people have beentomorrow whispering for two years. a lab maybe covid emerged from k the lab. now we know for a factno thaw -t did. dr. lehman young was one of the very first to see this herow lifeas t was destroyed for sayig it, but she's still around, thank god . and sh re joins us next. ank go by the wayod, a lot of you seem to have ordered our show'snamene christmas ornament last year.toa so this year we decided to do it again. made in america. by the way, yo u can get with tucker carlson .com.
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>> i don't own a single stock or bond. i know. i'm mr. i know i'm called middle class joe lunchpail. >> joe middle class joe . the truth of these lifestyle is the opposite . the biden family amassed a fortune, as in comedy, with corruption. timing is everything. there's multitudes of evidence of criminal behavior by hunter. any time hunter had a business deal to do, joe , was the fbi intelligence agencies and the american news media. they simply decided we don't want the american people to know about. i have not taken any from any foreign source. >> the biden's got some thirty $1 billion from chinese businessmen hunter biden and joe biden had defrauded me. cfc was dismantled. the biden family still made millions within hours of our story going lodge twitter shut us down. you have to fight the cancer of corruption this holiday season.
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internee. >> what's behind the sudden shortage of children's
10:30 pm
e all a group called the eco health alliance. was paid by the u.s. government supervised by tony fauci fauci fauc,naviru among other things experiments on bhat coronaviruses in china. s aat the wuhan lab, the nowwu. famous lab and one dra new
10:31 pm
andrew half is a former vp abot eco health alliance. he's written a new book about his experiences. in that book, he writes this, quote, eco health alliance inren foreign laboratories did not have the adequate control measures in placplace.e, ultimay resulting in the lab leak at the wuhan institute of allergy. >> so this looks like a game over kind of admission. it did come from the >> we can all stop pretending. yes, it came from the lab. this is a guy who worked at the health allianc le and it'sar still not clear if hewhol is telling the whole story in september. story of 2020, the chinese virot leaman yang came on this showent to provide evidenchae that covib was in fact engineered in a chinese military lab. watcwatch. from my firs pt report, i can present that sardesai scientific evidence to our audience that these meyerrose covid-19 sars-cov-2 virus actually is not from nature.op i work with the top coronavirus ologists in the world.d to soge togethethr with my parents
10:32 pm
i can tell you this is created ,aimed at my doctor. >> lehman young joins us tonight. >>do doctor , thank you so much. for joining us . once again. so you were attacked and dismissed. you feared for your life. you may still fear for your life because you werey one of the very first people in this country to know what is now obvious. n a lab.lareated in do you feel vindicated?el do youieve are w you happy thatt people now believe what you're saying? >> hi tech. it's nice to talk with you again. actually , yes., yes,my evidence gathered, verife and verified again. again,n but this is definitely y knt the end of the game. because this is from the lab. fo and that was from ohan. and this wasa a function engineer. the weaponizes engin, the virusw however, as you see now, the senate, a senate committee
10:33 pm
lead by th e senate, which had already published the report, said this sars-cov-2 covid-19sa virus is most likely the result of research related incident. now they so this is incident. so now they change the world u from accidental incident because this gave us ther invest new direction for the further investigation. rr itthat whether it was anionr intentional or oh, accidental incident. o and also what i want to tellsufd you is that, yes, i havem cc suffered from ccp because they try to silence me notal way only in physics, but also in physical way. however, based on the confidence of confidential sourcese, my team obtained that there are the people liberation army involved. contact peter very well planned and coordinated, coordinated.
10:34 pm
the operations happened before the outbreak of covid-19 you had and even we managede of to gob's the code, a code name of the operation related to sars-cov-2 and the also the generaanl inside leading thn operation actually get promoted now. so thesed kind of evidence we are going to keep providing to the related staff. well, thank you for' thank you.take and i am just sorry that you weren't taken seriously earlier because it's changed the world.o doctor , good to see you. so republicans did, to put it mildly, not as well as expected in the midterm elections. so not surprisingly, repub republican voters, by and large , would likeadersh new leadership of the partipy. there is speculation tonight that that new leadership may the include a very frequent guest on this show, harmeet dhillon, who joins us next. . th an announcement
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>> people are meant to be together. donate, help, keep it that way. welcome to fox. news live. i'm jackie banas in new york . sad news rocking the entertainment world. comedic actress kirstie alley has died following a battle with cancer. fans might remember her best for her emmy award winning performance on the popular sitcom cheers and the nineteen eighty nine comedy look who's talking. kirstie alley was seventy one disgraced attorney michael abenaki, sentenced by a california judge to 14 years in federal prison for defrauding clients out of millions of dollars. the judge also ordering him to pay ten million dollars in restitution. abernathy was the lawyer of stormy daniels, who claims she had an affair with donald trump before he became president . he's also serving a five year sentence in new york for stealing from stormy daniels and extorting nike. i'm jackie. now back to tucker carlson tonight for all of your headlines. >> tcan always log on to fox news .com show.
10:41 pm
republicans didn't do as well in the midterms as expected. and so it's fair to ask, well, whose fault is that? >> and wha t people are asking. adership oh you may have seen reports on a potential challenge to the current leadership ofe repo the republican national committee. and those reports suggest thatrs our friend, frequent guest on the show, harmeet dhillon, is considering a run againstidee ronna romney mcdaniel as chair of the rnc. would is that true? well, no one would know bettersd than harmeet dhillon, herself chairman of the republican chaow national lawyers association, who joins us now. thanks so muchfor forcomi comi. is it true that you plan to run for rnc chair? well, tucker, i'm going to announce tonight that actually i am going to run for rnc chair. runnin is that to play off of a famous catchphrase, ovy republicans are tired ofin losing. and i think that we really dnee to radically reshapeadersh our leadership in order to win.p and we can't keep running
10:42 pm
elections like we did in the 90s. and the twins and we really have to modernize to compete with the democrats dollar for n the ways they fundraise, the way t they deliver their ballots to the ballot. ways boxes. our messaging needs to be fresh and positive and not just the reactive to news cycles. and what the democrats are neeth doing and i think that the party needs to realize that the party has become a populistl party. the base of the party demands populist messages that speak to them and not chamber of commerce messages, not neocon messages, not war. longer messages. afraid and i'm afraid t that the base g our party is not getting what it needsthe le from our leadersf and so after three successive rounds of really disappointing results, tucker, i'm a memberan of the rncd no and no other memr is stepping up to challenge leadership. e and our current leadership has never been challenged for the chair jo b. and i think that challengehe and competition is very good. and so i'm hoping to gain
10:43 pm
the support of grassroots americans who do not likrte the direction of the party and its leadership. they need to contact the sixty eight members of the rnc in their states and territories. ay they too w anand tell them that they too want change. and i think that chang tehee an is popular. d among the base. about th i hear from thousands ofto see americans on a weekly basis about thats . they want to see us fighting.s e tucker, yollu know as wellelse m as anybody else that i'm a fighter. you are eververyy waking wakin s the day, and that's what we need right now. and so that's me. i'm offering to take a giant step back from my law firm and my nonprofit to do this. it's a big sacrifice, butso i think it's important for f our country that i love so much gene generation immigrant. >> i love ite .. i love it.ur tough i can vouch for your toughness . it's absolutely real and much needed. godspeed for me to rooting for you. thank you.. t dhil thank you. lon,.so there were big protestsr week across the country againsyt balenciaga, the fasching fashion house for promoting child zation in its
10:44 pm
advertisements, which certainly did some of its ads, featured kids holding teddy bears in gear. it's not an accident. the ce o of balenciaga s parentan aucti company, a man called francois on rapino, also an auction house that sold art art thatof sexualizes children. ll now, one o tf the people was disgusted by all of this is brittany aldine. she's the wifey, the country singer jason aldean, and she joins us tonight. randi, thanks so much forming coming. >> hi. d so thank you.on there ar e i'm not sure some youople even know this. there are actual protests against balenciaga sexualisation of children, correct? >> yes>>, ther theree are. i , for one , love fashion.nd i am super into fashion, but i refuse to represent or wear brand that has any affiliation affiliation with exploitation. lof children or it' the sexualization of children. it's disgusting. ustingand what they showed us recently in their recent campaign is pure evil.uc >>ker: i well, it is pure evil. i agree with that. and fashionable people sneer
10:45 pm
and you're taking it too seriously. and who carehos? l child was hurt. well, i thinwhk it's worth takig seriously. why do you think that it is ? tn it's absolutely worth taking sey because ever because every single detail ofoo the photo shoot wasee meticulously thought out. i've bee sn on photo shootshoot before. anere's wei know that there aref preparation, if not months. this was meticulously thought out for them to think that it's appropriate to put children in a situation that that we have seen much less a campaign for their brand is disgusting. si every single pronglep, every sis book, every single teddy bear, everything was meticulously thought out. regardlessught out, if they sayl a mistake or not, it was not a mistake. they have shown us who they artm . it's disgusting. it's evil. have and the common denominator heren is that we hav e to stand up. we have to fight for our children. this is not political . this is not about religion.ildren the common denominator herel is to protect the children ate r all costs. >>anybody should be outraged sao nicelyk you put. >> and thank you for saying it a
10:46 pm
about photo shoots. you've been on photo shoots this year. they'r ie their claim that. oh, we had no idea. i mean, that's totally laughable, correct? yeah, it's absolutely laughable. >> iyeah. >> well, thank thank you for doing this. you're not embarrassed. and i think it makes a difference when people are honest. thank you. gru are pretty great to see yo tonight. thank you. good to see you. good to thank you. .so what we learn from o the twitter files on friday going to continue to learn, weks think, in the coming weeksnsorin is that twitter wasn't justconsr censoring conservatives. rnment twitter wa as with the help ofma the u.s. government and the bush administratio witn interfeg with trying to rig democratic elections. this coud acro ssin this country and across the globe, including in the nation of brazil very recently. we'll speak to someone from brazil next.
10:47 pm
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listen, get the latest news business and news headlines on sirius xm any time anywhere. fox news audio on sirius xm america is listening to the headline, the story. martha maccallum breaks down every angle. here's whe, four,
10:51 pm
three again. that's eight hundred eight four eight one two four three . so matt taibbi is reporting fri on friday night. provt pre that twitter offered a direction of u.s. government officials, interfered in what
10:52 pm
the rest of us assumed were i free and fair elections in this country and not just in this country. elon musk tweeted the other day ,quote, i've seen a lot of concerning tweets about recent brazil elections. te if those tweets are accurate, it is possible that twitter personnel gave preferenc e to left wing candidates. twittr so we know t i mean, you didocri the research ahead of time. the twitteelectionr tampered wib democratic election in brazil, crimd be a crime.n ad it's certainly immoral.rnment is there any evidence that the biden administration orvolvd u.s. government agencies were involved? >> i haven't studied. the involvement of the u.s. government on that. what i canwhat can what i can sr sure is that twitter tampered with the brazilian elections because they editorialized, for instance, the trending topics in brazil, the trending topics whicn brazilh normally would shw whatever content is via lasing on twitter during the election
10:53 pm
period was basically heavily temperate to the point that organic trends with over half a million mentions were lacking wereing an completely absentl. on the trending topics in brazil. meanwhile, fresh hashtags outt f of the moulis campaign headquarters with less than 50 thousand hashtags mentioned it would just get on trendinge topics in a few minutes after they were deployed. >> more than that, we had this actuation, like i was saying, when musk initially bid for the acquisition of twitter, wet realized that twittertwr interethnienterec mode and for y a lot of the accounts of wer the right wing and the conservative movement in brazil were instantly removed from the shadow. spannd so boasso nows en ended p getting 100,000 followers in a span of a few hours. accounts from congressmen like eugenia's or cardellini.a day
10:54 pm
that honor guard marches ind th a day, acquired the same number of followers they acquired over three years. >> that's it. and we saw something similar here. methinand it was that there was tampering. >> yes. ng >> and i'm ashamed because it is purportedly an american company. and i'm sorr propoly any about i that has happened to you in brazil. rodrigo, thank you foran cominkg on and telling us what you discovered. appreciate it.telling us what wa jane fonda has been studying climate, studying climate change and has discovere d actually it's all about her. you'll hear her theory next. i saw elvis fiverr. >> yup. we have elvis's bible along with bibles from a number of other kings. >> but that's just the beginning.
10:55 pm
museum of the bible. >> what's in it will surprise you, elvis. >> anyway, hello. i'm mike lindell. i'm excited to bring you my biggest betting sale ever. just in time for christmas, get my geezer dream bedsheets for as low as twenty nine . ninety eight . a set of pillowcases. only nine ninety eight . rejuvenate your bed with my pillow mattress topper for as low as ninety nine ninety nine . we also have blankets in a variety of sizes, colors and styles. we even have blankets for your pets. get duvets quilts down, comforters, body pillows, boaster pillows and so much more of the biggest discounts ever. i know my bedding products are perfect for you and i'm extending my money back guarantee for christmas until march 1st. 2020 three . making them the perfect gifts for your friends, your family and everyone you know. >> so go to mypillow .com or call the number on your screen. use your promo code and you'll get huge discounts on all mypillow bedding products,
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begin fox wednesday new costumes every episode. debe story. i love that double unmasking every week and more stars than ever before. could this be tommy lee? tom holland, the coach, tom brady, the best player wednesdays on fox and watch any time on america is waking up to fox and friends. easy, right, steve ? yep. my usual same thing here. it's important to have friends you trust fox and friends, america's best friends. oh, a climate crisis.not li the climate's not it's on the glaciers. you're causing it. how are you causing that? c wellau, jane ,si fonda's thoughh a lot about that topic. >> and here's her conclusion. if there were no racism, there'd be no climate crisis. if there was misogyny, there' be no climate crisis. it's it's part of a mindset. ar
11:00 pm
it's the mindset that looks at a woman and says, nice. >> tucke >> in other words, my exmy husband's cause climate change in addition to everything else ,it's all about her. appre so great. we appreciate your watching tonight. your wnight anwe'll be back 8:0y weeknight. >> here's sean hannity. here's shawnand we begin this mt with a fox news alert. >> we begin with sad news tonight as emmy award winning actress and friend of. the program, kirstie alley, hast passed away after a battle with cancer. in a statement posted justnd moments ago, her children, they praise their mother's passion for life. they continued, quote, herting eternal joy was creating was unparalleled and leave us inspired to live life to theu fullest, just as she did.n th we're going to have more on that coming up later in the show. >> first tonight, our country is facin


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